Sharing learning outcomes and course information – proof of concept

Following on from Lisa Corley’s summary post on a meeting held between CETIS, MMU and international agencies around sharing learning outcomes and course information, Wilbert Kraan has implemented a proof of concept using a linked data approach to mash up various bits and pieces from e-portfolios. learning outcomes and course information. You can get the full details from his blog (health warning this is quite technical). However what Wilbert has shown is how having machine readable curriculum (and in fact any course related information) does open up a whole range of possibilities in terms of re-use of data in teaching and learning contexts.

The Dynamic Learning Maps (University of Newcastle) project is looking at some of these issues in terms of building different course views. Also a number of design projects are starting to look at the wider implications and best use of data collection eg SRC (MMU) in terms of their curriculum management tool. The Viewpoints project (University of Ulster) is also taking an structured data based approach to the principles/ learning theories their tools are built on.

I know that for many projects just standardizing templates for curriculum approval processes is proving to be no small challenge. However the next logical step is to explore how the information (data) in those documents can be used (and reused) to best effect. Not least to improve efficiencies in data reuse within institutions themselves. I’d be interested in hearing any thoughts you might have on this approach.

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