Award Success for e-Biolabs

All too often innovators can suffer a lack of recognition as ‘prophets in their own land’. This is certainly not the case for Dr Gus Cameron whose achievements have been recognised in the Bristol University Teaching Awards 2009/10. Gus is the winner of the e-Learning Award which is presented to an individual member, or group of staff who demonstrate exceptional and/or innovative e-learning practices. The Award is made where there has been improvement in the learning/teaching process for all, in particular: improving learner experience; increasing learner independence and releasing staff time in the longer term.

In making the Award the university noted: ‘It is clear that e-Biolabs has succeeded in its mission to revolutionise the way that undergraduate Biochemistry practical classes are taught at Bristol. Student feedback on these classes is excellent. Tutors and lecturers have noted a marked improvement of student understanding of topics covered by these practicals. Staff marking time has reduced dramatically. Without Gus’s drive, enthusiasm and skills in e-learning, none of this would have been achieved.

As further evidence of the success of Gus’s e-Biolabs project, the suite is now being extended to other first year teaching programmes within FMVS, and we are also hopeful that sufficient funding can also be attracted to enable its incorporation as the delivery platform for our second year practicals. Other institutions have also expressed an interest in obtaining the suite, and there is a very good chance that it will soon become the national standard for e-learning in biomedical sciences practical teaching.’

Congratulations to Gus (pictured here having a well-earned rest at a JISC programme meeting) and the rest of the team on this much-deserved success.


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