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A toolkit created by the QAQE SIG was the subject of discussion & consultation at the QA & QE in e-Learning conference at the University of Hertfordshire on 2nd July.

The toolkit entitled ‘Harnessing Quality Assurance Processes to Enhance Technology Enabled Learning’ is being circulated to project teams for their comment. It is described as an ‘at a glance framework & tools for academics & support staff to use when considering employing technology to enhance course delivery.’  Some of the feedback suggested that it should also cover the design stage more fully and that there is a need to raise awareness of available technologies and their potential uses before designing courses.

On the basis of our experiences in the programmes I suggested the toolkit could be expanded to cover the business case for developing a new course in the first place & should include more on learning outcomes before getting into the detail of delivery mechanisms and both of these suggestions seemed to meet with a lot of support.

There is a section on good practice/case studies/resources that could be a good way to promote the outputs of the programme. The SIG is already using Cloudworks and I suggested that this could be flagged in the resources along with the Design Studio. The REAP principles and the Viewpoints toolkit, once it is complete, are other obviously useful links and I imagine there will be many more coming out of the programmes.

People seemed to embrace the toolkit as something that could sit alongside their existing processes rather than being something additional and also noted that it might attract those who would not normally consider technology to any great extent.

Comments on the toolkit are requested by Eileen Webb by the 19th July so if you haven’t received a copy via our mailing list contact Marianne Sheppard.

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