Update on technologies and standards from the Design Programme

We’ve completed another round of PROD calls with the Design Projects. I’ve summarized some of the key emerging issues on my CETIS blog.

The calls are incredibly useful way for us to engage with projects and talk about things that don’t necessarily need to be put into interim reports. I was heartened to hear that some new project staff members had found PROD useful to get an oversight of technologies other projects were using.

We are working at making the information held within PROD more digestable and useful – particularly when trying to show programme level activity. One thing I think we might need is an additional field or check box in the standards area to indicate if a standard is just mentioned in a project plan and/or being actually implemented. However if you have any thoughts or suggestions please let me know. The database is openly available and for those of you interested in linked data you might be interested to know that we are making it available as linked data (go to a project entry page and add “.rdf” and you’ll see an RDF version of that entry. We are also experimenting with the TALIS platform and explore ways to create some more (hopefully) useful queries and visualisations of the data.

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