Talking about change at the May Design Programme Meeting

“Going beyond the obvious, talking about challenge and change” was the title of yesterday’s Design Programme meeting in Birmingham yesterday. The activities provided a range very engaging and thought provoking discussions from all the project teams. To give a flavour of the day I’ve created a twitter story from they day:
[View the story “Talking about challenge and change” on Storify].

One other thing that struck me yesterday was the spirit of community sharing, the projects seemed genuinely interested in sharing experiences and approaches with each other. Using Tony Hirst’s twitter connectedness visualisation tool, you can see the interconnectedness of the people using the programme hash tag (#jisccdd).Visualisation of twitter connections, 11 May, #jisccdd

Of course, this only gives one view of connections/community for the programme, but imho it is an important one – as it shows the concentration of activity of the day within a core group. If you look at the graph today there are probably more people and connections outwith the core connections.

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