Overview of Design Bash 11

Last month CETIS held a Design Bash at the University of Oxford, and there were a number of colleagues from the Design and Delivery Programmes in attendance. The day is an opportunity for those involved in the design process to get together and share tools, experiences, designs and practice. From the work emerging from the Design programme, I was particularly keen to encourage people to share their workflows i.e. how and when they are/could be using various tools (f2f or online).

I’ve written a number pre and post blogs about the day, which I’ve combined using the memolane service. Unfortunately the set up of this blog doesn’t let me embed the timeline however ( you can see an example here) , the screenshot below does give a view of it. You can view the story (and read the blog posts) by follow this link.

I’d be interested if you have any thoughts or examples of workflows.

Time line of Design Bash 11 blog posts

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