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About Helen Beetham

I work as synthesis consultant on the JISC Curriculum Design programme, as well as advising on a number of other strands of the JISC e-learning programme. I work on a Digital Literacies project at the University of Exeter.

Directions of travel

More than just pretty pictures, the outcomes from the ‘directions of travel’ exercise will be used to update the relevant pages on the Design Studio, and will be written up to support the development of high level messages and impact indicators in the final year of the programme. Thanks to everyone who took part in … Read more

Thoughts on sustainability

I thought I’d share some thoughts on the first session at the recent programme meeting in Nottingham. With the session being ably led by Stephen Brown, I was able to gather a number of key points from the discussion, which will be added to the Design Studio pages on sustainability and working for change. Change … Read more