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EA, the Design Studio & Curriculum Design

I have found recent debate within the support team about the Design Studio thought-provoking. Since its inception we have wrestled with the fact that the Curriculum Lifecycle represents a particular view of the territory that is not necessarily shared by all potential users and hence we have looked at providing other pathways through the resources … Read more

Benchmarking Practice

One of the activities at the last programme meeting followed up work started a year earlier in terms of developing some sort of tool that could help our projects and others benchmark their progress towards the programme vision. Projects worked in 3 clusters/thematic groups based on the vision ‘areas’ of: Assessment and Feedback Learner Engagement … Read more

QA QE Toolkit

A toolkit created by the QAQE SIG was the subject of discussion & consultation at the QA & QE in e-Learning conference at the University of Hertfordshire on 2nd July. The toolkit entitled ‘Harnessing Quality Assurance Processes to Enhance Technology Enabled Learning’ is being circulated to project teams for their comment. It is described as … Read more

Award Success for e-Biolabs

All too often innovators can suffer a lack of recognition as ‘prophets in their own land’. This is certainly not the case for Dr Gus Cameron whose achievements have been recognised in the Bristol University Teaching Awards 2009/10. Gus is the winner of the e-Learning Award which is presented to an individual member, or group … Read more

It pays to advertise (or does it?)

The topics of market research and marketing have cropped up often in programme discussions so people may be interested in these 2 lists published by a US agency that advises universities on student recruitment strategies. The first list shows what types of lead have the highest conversion rates and the second shows which generate the … Read more

Launch of Curriculum Design and Delivery Flickr site

We’ve amassed quite a collection of photos from programme meetings over the last year.  Lots of things seemed worth recording from the projects’ creative representations of their endeavours to team building exercises involving plate-spinning and giraffe building.  We’ve put them together on flickr and you can take a look at If you’ve got any pictures to … Read more