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Programme timelines

As the Design projects come to and end and are compiling their final stories of their four year journeys, I’ve been thinking about timelines. So, in preparation for next week’s final programme meeting, here’s a timeline which pulls pictures and videos from youtube and twitter that have been tagged with #jisccdd (thanks to my colleague … Read more

Curriculum Design Technical Journeys: part 3

**NB this post has been amended from a post on my CETIS blog** Continuing from my last post, the next part of the programme technical journey focuses on the Cluster B projects: Co-educate, SRC, P3 who had similar objectives in terms of organisational change. SRC *Project Prod entry In terms of organisational change, SRC (Supporting … Read more

Accreditation! A games based approach to supporting curriculum development

**NB this post has been amended from a post on my CETIS blog** Earlier this week Rachel Forsyth and Nicola Whitton from the SRC (Supporting Response Curricula) Project at MMU led a webinar titled “Models of Responsiveness”. The session focused on the ways the team have been working with staff across the institution around the … Read more