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JISC CETIS conference – fantasy curriculum management systems

Last week saw around 140 delegates gather in Nottingham for the annual JISC CETIS conference. A number of the Design projects contributed to the session “Integrating and Subverting Corporate Systems for Educational Purposes” which I facilitated. Session presenters, Mark Stubbs (SRC), Jim Everett (PiP), Sam Rowley (Enable) and Hugh Davies, University of Southampton (we had … Read more

Some different views of standards and technologies being used in the Design Programme

Part of the role of CETIS in the support of both the Delivery and Design Programmes is to record the different types of standards and technologies that projects are using. Over the past few months I’ve been blogging about this and also working with colleagues to provide different views on the data we’ve been collating. … Read more

Say hello to Archi

CETIS has developed a free, open source, cross platform ArchiMate modelling tool, Archie, which is now available for download @ The tool creates models using the ArchiMate modelling language. As described on the site, the tool has been developed primarily for the “newcomer to ArchiMate and not an experienced modeller. They do not intend … Read more

Sharing learning outcomes and course information – proof of concept

Following on from Lisa Corley’s summary post on a meeting held between CETIS, MMU and international agencies around sharing learning outcomes and course information, Wilbert Kraan has implemented a proof of concept using a linked data approach to mash up various bits and pieces from e-portfolios. learning outcomes and course information. You can get the … Read more

Sharing learning outcomes and course information – some international perspectives

Sharing learning outcomes and course information is a key theme across the Design Programme. As projects are discovering there is no “one size fits all” solution. Standards that are available, such as XCRI, can go someway to share some (mainly course marketing related) information, but are still developing in term of providing more pedagogically focused … Read more