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Different routes to evidencing value

As well as encouraging curriculum innovation, the Transforming Curriculum Delivery Through Technology Programme had a strong focus on gathering and making effective use of evidence. This was intended to inform the 15 funded projects, but also to provide evidence to the wider sector of the potential benefits of using technology to support learning. It was … Read more

Sustaining innovation in curriculum delivery

There was much discussion at last week’s Innovating e-Learning online conference around managing change and how these can support the embedding and sustaining of innovation and new practice within an organisation. This requires significant engagement with a range of stakeholders and linking new approaches and practices to institutional strategies and policies is an integral part … Read more

Some different views of standards and technologies being used in the Design Programme

Part of the role of CETIS in the support of both the Delivery and Design Programmes is to record the different types of standards and technologies that projects are using. Over the past few months I’ve been blogging about this and also working with colleagues to provide different views on the data we’ve been collating. … Read more