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Flexibility in the Curriculum

The following extract from a report by Helen Beetham summarises the state of play at the beginning of the programme with regard to flexibility in the curriculum: Flexibility is a key term for the CD programme and for all institutions dealing with curriculum innovation. The baseline reports indicate that there are basically three approaches to … Read more

Starting to enhance the role of assessment and feedback

The extract from a report by Helen Beetham summarises where the curriculum design projects felt they stood with regard to the topic. Read the full report. Some of the curriculum delivery projects focus specifically on this area so their work will be of considerable interest: University of Bristol: eBioLabs (Biosciences) University of Exeter: Integrative Technologies Project … Read more

Where are we starting from?

We took a slightly different approach to many JISC programmes and asked the Curriculum Design projects to spend quite a lot of time up-front ‘baselining’ their current situation. We weren’t prescriptive about how they did this so long as they were confident it would help them evaluate their achievements. Of course this task was neither … Read more