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Say hello to Archi

CETIS has developed a free, open source, cross platform ArchiMate modelling tool, Archie, which is now available for download @ The tool creates models using the ArchiMate modelling language. As described on the site, the tool has been developed primarily for the “newcomer to ArchiMate and not an experienced modeller. They do not intend … Read more

Tools and approaches for designing a flexible curriculum

The programme meeting for the Curriculum Design projects held last week in Birmingham focussed on tools and projects for creating a more flexible curriculum. After an update from the three project clusters the day focussed around three issues that had emerged from Cluster meetings: Managing Course Information Learner Centred Timetabling Managing Teaching workload A number … Read more

Sustaining Curriculum Change

The programme meeting for the Transforming Curriculum Delivery projects held in Birmingham last week focussed on sustainability, a perennial problem for JISC projects. The day consisted of a number of presentations and activities including a Dragon’s Den activity (which wasn’t as scary as it sounds!) on how to embed project outputs to ensure that the … Read more

Award Success for e-Biolabs

All too often innovators can suffer a lack of recognition as ‘prophets in their own land’. This is certainly not the case for Dr Gus Cameron whose achievements have been recognised in the Bristol University Teaching Awards 2009/10. Gus is the winner of the e-Learning Award which is presented to an individual member, or group … Read more

Sharing learning outcomes and course information – proof of concept

Following on from Lisa Corley’s summary post on a meeting held between CETIS, MMU and international agencies around sharing learning outcomes and course information, Wilbert Kraan has implemented a proof of concept using a linked data approach to mash up various bits and pieces from e-portfolios. learning outcomes and course information. You can get the … Read more

Sharing learning outcomes and course information – some international perspectives

Sharing learning outcomes and course information is a key theme across the Design Programme. As projects are discovering there is no “one size fits all” solution. Standards that are available, such as XCRI, can go someway to share some (mainly course marketing related) information, but are still developing in term of providing more pedagogically focused … Read more

Launch of Curriculum Design and Delivery Flickr site

We’ve amassed quite a collection of photos from programme meetings over the last year.  Lots of things seemed worth recording from the projects’ creative representations of their endeavours to team building exercises involving plate-spinning and giraffe building.  We’ve put them together on flickr and you can take a look at If you’ve got any pictures to … Read more

Curriculum Challenges in a nutshell

There is a more comprehensive summary of the issues in a post entiteld ‘What issues are we trying to solve?’ but in summary from analysis of all of the 55 bids to be part of the programme these are the challenges the sector is telling us it faces. Engagement Regional and community engagement Employer engagement … Read more

Where are we starting from?

We took a slightly different approach to many JISC programmes and asked the Curriculum Design projects to spend quite a lot of time up-front ‘baselining’ their current situation. We weren’t prescriptive about how they did this so long as they were confident it would help them evaluate their achievements. Of course this task was neither … Read more

What issues are we trying to solve?

This summary highlights some of the common strategic challenges which emerged from the bids submitted under JISC Circular 05/08 ‘Institutional Approaches to Curriculum Design.’  A total of 55 bids were submitted for this call, including 7 from further education colleges.  There were six submissions from Welsh institutions, one from Northern Ireland, five from Scotland and … Read more