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Curriculum change and transformation: outcomes from the JISC Curriculum Design programme

Challenges and context The last four years have seen unprecedented change in higher education in the UK. During that time 12 universities funded under the JISC Institutional Approaches to Curriculum Design programme have been steering change projects through some significant challenges to transform their institutions’ approaches to curriculum design. The projects were focusing on a … Read more

Accreditation! A games based approach to supporting curriculum development

**NB this post has been amended from a post on my CETIS blog** Earlier this week Rachel Forsyth and Nicola Whitton from the SRC (Supporting Response Curricula) Project at MMU led a webinar titled “Models of Responsiveness”. The session focused on the ways the team have been working with staff across the institution around the … Read more

Transforming curriculum design: Transforming institutions

JISC has recently published a briefing paper produced by Gill Ferrell around the interim findings of the Curriculum Design programme. The paper highlights resources and lessons learned to date which may benefit the sector in a changing environment and looks in particular at how technology could transform the management and development of the curriculum at … Read more

QA QE Toolkit

A toolkit created by the QAQE SIG was the subject of discussion & consultation at the QA & QE in e-Learning conference at the University of Hertfordshire on 2nd July. The toolkit entitled ‘Harnessing Quality Assurance Processes to Enhance Technology Enabled Learning’ is being circulated to project teams for their comment. It is described as … Read more

Quality enhancement and e-learning

Quality enhancement is about systemic approaches and ‘deliberate steps’ towards improving the way that learning is managed and how students are supported. The Delivery projects are taking this forward-looking view by piloting new approaches and uses of technology to enhance learning. A challenge will be to ‘argue the case’ for promoting, sustaining and embedding these … Read more

Quality assurance: friend or foe to curriculum innovation?

Robust and rigorous processes and procedures are needed to ensure that quality and standards are met but can they actually stand in the way of creating flexible, agile and responsive curricula? A baseline report for the curriculum design programme shows that the institutions involved have robust QA processes but some of them worry that these … Read more