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EA, the Design Studio & Curriculum Design

I have found recent debate within the support team about the Design Studio thought-provoking. Since its inception we have wrestled with the fact that the Curriculum Lifecycle represents a particular view of the territory that is not necessarily shared by all potential users and hence we have looked at providing other pathways through the resources … Read more

It pays to advertise (or does it?)

The topics of market research and marketing have cropped up often in programme discussions so people may be interested in these 2 lists published by a US agency that advises universities on student recruitment strategies. The first list shows what types of lead have the highest conversion rates and the second shows which generate the … Read more

Sharing learning outcomes and course information – proof of concept

Following on from Lisa Corley’s summary post on a meeting held between CETIS, MMU and international agencies around sharing learning outcomes and course information, Wilbert Kraan has implemented a proof of concept using a linked data approach to mash up various bits and pieces from e-portfolios. learning outcomes and course information. You can get the … Read more